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=Plot Threads=
The local baron asks the party to delve into the uncovered ruins and eliminate any threats to the town that lurk within.
The Town Historian wishes to learn the truth of their founder, Dharva Scatterheart
A young woman has vanished in the ruins!
Rumor: Some believe Dharva was a Dragonhunter, and she must have stored much of her adventure treasure under the keep
Rumor: An old Dwarf dimly recalls they once buried ‘something bad’ beneath the keep when he was a very young boy-before construction was completed.


  1. Heroes break into the old corridor (the former entryway) to find it littered with the recent battle-triggered traps, scattered corpses (Looted of wealth), and lots of damage. Close inspection reveals many of the bodies have been chewed on, or show many small stab wounds-some even show signs of methodical torture.

In other places, small spots of ash and greasy soot can be spotted. A DC15 knowledge check can identify this as Imp Dust-a common leaving of their demonic kind.

This was the work of a band of Imps that broke free of a Cultist’s summoners~

They will not attack the heroes directly, but bide their time, following while invisible or in animal forms. This will take either a concentrated effort, or a Spot check vs DC +5.

  1. Assuming they blunder onward, our heroes will find what seems to be a dead end-a seemingly empty room housing nothing but what looks to be an intricate sculpture of a castle-one that shows a bit of damage, as if someone has tried to break in. There are some friezes on the walls to illuminate potential history…
  1. There is a dais in front of the sculpture with a ceremonial plate, and a riddle carved in stone
    [I’m the blade, that brings life to his wielder. Yet, I’m but a shaft in a quiver. I only take for myself, whatever I can steal. Oh, I’m sharp as a blade as ever you will feel. What am I?]
  1. Assuming the riddle is solved, the Heroes find themselves reduced in size, and now the castle is the size of a real one-the Imps will attack now, if they haven’t already, eager for an easy meal.
  1. With no obvious way of returning to their own size, the party must move forward-many small verminous things, formerly fairly harmless, will now pose a real threat. The castle is the only way forward…

Main Page

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