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Pokemon Tabletop Campaign: Distortion

Night City

The Heights
The richest district, the heights predictably occupy the highest spot in Night City, and has the densest commercial and financial real estate.

Night Cities entertainment district, previously for writers and poets, now for movies and television.

Sugar Valley
The red light district-plenty of night life here. Many rich and powerful people reside and play here.

Nolan Hills
A fairly well populated upper class neighborhood.

White River
Often the center of tourist activities, White River is located at the head of the aptly named Pearl River, which runs through Night City.

Gold Coast
As can be expected, much entertainment can be found on Night Cities beaches. The Amusement Park is located here.

A stable middle class residential district. Known for exquisite cafes and food suppliers.

Little Penghu
Created on the outskirts of the city to ‘store’ the Asian immigrants, after the transcontinental railroad was complete. Still contains the core of Asian American population.

The Crater District
A packing and shipping district, has low living population, and a history of accumulating a lot of property damage-empty warehouses being excellent backdrops for super hero fights. Lots of cheap real estate to set up a headquarters.

Butchers Block
Unlike Tenderson, definitely not known for its fine cuts of meat. One of the less affluent neighborhoods, and one most in need of help.

The Narrows
The poorest of Neighborhoods, the narrows are crowded and dangerous. A perfect place to fight crime!

Hideout Places
Aalian Embassy
A pocket of extra dimensional space located near the area Ssirana entered this version of Earth-right into the Heights, Night Cities richest neighborhood. A sort of echo, it exists alongside fun house mirror of different versions of reality-each of these are only on the surface of the bubble, as it were, and the Embassy is completely protected and stable patch of ground for building a headquarters.

~Central location in Night City, close to the action. Or at least the TV cameras.
~Easy to hide in.

~The Aalians are very aware of this area-they exist outside of many dimensional gateways and are used as staging grounds for further incursions, or strong points for defending from attacks within or without. Making a base here will no doubt quickly attract their attention to Ssiranas whereabouts and may be alert them that one of their agents has gone dimensionally AWOL.

~Existing aside and in-between realities and times can be very hazardous…

~No infrastructure. The Embassy is a world where none of the people move, power doesn’t flow, and water stays suspended in the sky. It is a world of statues, and anything beyond the basics will have to be delivered.

Watchmakers Tower
S.S Sailing Ship?
Last Ditch

Most people in Night City could only watch things unfolded.

It started on a Friday-typically Night City weather. Rainy, windy, and cold. There was still a spark of hope as one of the few remaining Heroes of the city took another shift-her name was Lantern Queen. She had been a Silver age Heroine, a Pyrokinetic superhero who had staved off some of the greatest threats of her age. But, even her most fervent of admirers couldn’t deny the now she was far past her prime. That didn’t keep her from going out day after day, fighting an increasingly hopeless battle against worsening odds. At the time, her heroics were little noticed by the world at large, but she had an effect on the people of the beleaguered city…in front of televisions, and personal computer screens, those digesting newspapers and even overhearing talk of her, there were some whose fists clenched in sudden righteous anger.

Lantern Queen lighting up again-her final stand recorded by a local on his cellphone. Fighting against at least three dozen well armed goons who ambushed a police cruiser in the Butchers Block-her flaming fists and feet reaping a toll among them, even as she took blow after blow from energy blades and DEP munitions. But she was not alone. Her sidekick, Candle Princess, was there as well-she had come to increasingly rely on the young woman and her small army of telekinetic controlled wax minions to even the odds.

No one expected the betrayal-after the battle was done, and Lantern Queen knelt among the fallen, catching her breath. The Golems turned upon her. The last image before the cameraman runs off, Candle Princess’s arrogant smile as she descends on her former mentor-and Lantern Queens final defiant blow, scarring her attacker forever…

\With Lantern Queen missing or dead, her former protege-now called ‘Fire Monarch’-embarked on a wave of terror, seemingly driven to the point of insanity by her disfigurements. The weekend had been marked by unceasing violence…and, the occasional act of heroism.

It was early Sunday when the team first came together-perhaps, a bit over their heads. Fire Monarch and wax golems had combined with another villain who was only known as Nocturne and his small army of cultists-a vampire wannabe (officially denounced by the Vampire League of America as a fraud and not a real Vampire) and the traitor were going to stage a modern stage coach robbery-hitting an armored truck trying to sneak valuable material out of the city for the Xand Labs, a high tech local research firm. News cameras only caught snips and glimpses of the fight-no one had expected any realistic response. Perhaps this caught the villains by surprise as well. They made out six figures, at least.

One with nothing but a bow, a hoodie, and a red mask hopping agilely from place to place-his arrows stunning the Nocturne cultists attempt to close in on…it seems Nocturne is capable of making illusory minions as well, but none of them fool the eagle eyed young archer. The pair of twins, matched in every way, fighting as a single body-using streams of lightning bolts to melt the wax golems into puddles. Fire Monarch roaring in fury, trying to bring her minions back, but a little girl, hardly more than 15, froze them in place one by one-her powers wild, uncontrolled, the very ground freezing and breaking beneath her. Nocturne seemed to sense she was a threat, and flew toward her on his ratty cape, eager to drain her life force, only to receive a volley of missiles from the large alien mecha. He flew back, landing in a smoking puddle-in front of an unsettling young man covered in what looked like living black fluid…The Hoodie wearing archer consulting with his teammates quickly, perhaps giving them orders, his motions clean and fluid-a hand parting the waves….The young girl trying to making an ice wall, effectively splitting the combined enemy forces-but, accomplishing quite a bit more than she intended. More like a supernova of ice- splitting the lightning casting twins, accidentally destroying the abandoned truck everyone was fighting over, as well as the NaNNaN, even freezing the one fighting in the living black armor solid…Nocturne reached out to drain the life force of the young hero…

…And recoiled, as the black liquid armor seemed to expand of its own violation, emitting an array of dangerous spikes-sending him reeling and his cultists fleeing. For a moment, the thing looks far less human and pure monster defined. The mecha oddly pauses in battle, seeming to turn to and comfort the young cryokinetic-quite disturbed by her misuse of powers. No one knows what to make of it…

…The Archer moving forward and firing his bow at the now rising form of Nocturne, seemingly to the confusion of the Dark suited hero-who seems to struggle for a moment, regaining control of his wild form….Fire Monarch, out of minions and abandoned by her allies, raging to the stormy skies-she doesn’t see one of the twins creeping up behind her-incapacitating the villain with a blow so strong it shakes the block….Nocturne, down but not out, grabs one his nearby unconscious minions and draws new strength-rising again….The young heroes now closing in from all sides, hounding his every avenue of retreat…Nocturne going down in a blast of their combined powers, after cornering him in a dockside warehouse…he seems to try to surrender, to say something, but…one of them knocks him down…hard…Six heroes stand in the aftermath, scarred and tested, but proven.

Nocturne smiling through his fake fangs. Clenched fists all around.

“You’d be wise to let me go, mortals! You’ll only anger my superio…” He had said, smugly. Or tried to say.

The spokesman for A.E.G.I.S giving a press conference.

“We of course applaud acts of heroism by the citizenry, but we remind everyone that vigilantism is not the answers to this crisis…but patience and calm by all involved until…”

The Police Commissioner Drake Ward also giving a press conference, but one far less polite.

“…That mere children decided to intervene in our great cities defense sickens and horrifies me…to say they caused as much damage to the city, as any team of villains is not hyperbole…millions in property damage…loss of valuable materials…police response was both prompt and timely as could be done, and they were ultimately unneeded…I have asked again and again for more funding to combat the super-crime wave…I will not stand by and watch as our city is consumed by fights between costumed amateurs with delusions of grandeur…Lantern Queen will not be the first ‘Hero’ to fall if this trend continues…”

And the least polite of all, Richard Xand-owner of Xand Industries, giving an angry quote to a reporter as he was hustled into his limo.

“If I have my way, they will all the see the inside of San Quentin Ultra Max.” He has growled-referring to the state prison made for confining those with super powers.

A local politician blusters for the cameras.

“…We have evidence the so called ‘Xeno-tech’-that alien robot thing-is actually an illegal immigrant from another reality-causing property damage and stealing jobs our own super-heroes can do! I am proposing an inter-dimensional wall-a big wall, amazing fourth dimensional barrier-be immediately built to make Night City safe once again…”

“What was that unsettling black covered figure? Superoligists weigh in…”

“We’ve seen this before, Ted. It’s the conclusion of the Omega Foundation that we’re dealing with an Oil Elemental, probably created by radioactive pollution dumped in Night City bay. We’ve contacted local street shamans to help pacify the angry Earth spirit, and hopefully return the creature to its natural state…”

“…An unstable cryokinetic pre-teen is extremely dangerous to have on the streets. What sort of parents would allow someone that young to fight crime? A.E.G.I.S is considering a legal protective order against…”

The cause of Sundays blackout was the so called ‘weather sisters’ act of vandalism on the city power grid. NCPL (Night City Power and Light) regrets the interruption of services and expects service will be restored soon.

“I had a 17 player kill streak when the power went out! The Weather Sisters are the real villains!” An angry young super rages, his hands glowing with red spikes of energy.

But not all the media was negative.

There were dozens of variations on “Thank you for protecting our city!” and “We support you!”-the first licks of the fires of fame, perhaps.

Many asked for the young Heroes to reveal themselves-their current popular names being Xenotech, Hoodie, Oilslick, Snowball, and the Weather Sisters.

A legendary retired hero by the name of Sagittarius-one of the original members of of Team Constellation-expressing his admiration, for he had wielded a magic bow himself through his entire career. “Those were some nice shots, Hoodie! Natural skill with a bow is a lost art. You almost remind me of a Hero I used to know…”

A week later, the funeral for Lantern Queen-an empty casket, for no trace of her was left-with her friend Firefly giving a tearful speech. “She would have been proud of what she saw last weekend. Lantern never fought for a lost cause-and, as long as we have heroes like that, I don’t believe this city is beyond saving…” Her old friends gathering together to light an eternal brazier above her grave, where it will shine forever…

It was the sisters Fu idea that you all keep in contact-mostly using social media, such as skype, twitter and facebook. Complicated by the fact some of the team has no social media profile at all.

You all had your disagreements, but eventually you found some common ground-that more eyes is never a bad thing. You kept in touch. So when when Liz and Ann were contacted by the super-heroine turned super-lawyer Cardinal to inform of them of some important news, they were able to get the word to you and arrange a meeting at a popular local clam bar, the Haymaker…

It seems you’ve got the poor pick of villains today-it’s a Hydrokinetic, one none of you recognize at first glancing. She is trashing the waterfront and doing not that great a job at it. The sum total of her rampage so far, is an ice cream stand that was shaped like a banana-it’s been peeled pretty thoroughly-and has left quite a mess. This one is a young woman, not much older than you all are. She is currently hovering over the sea using a small twister, and attempting to sink a small tug boat with jets of pressurized water. But, she can barely make a dent in the steel, and that is just making her angrier-the sea is definitely getting choppy. This is probably less due to her actions and more to the storm rumbling in from off coast-thunder and lightning in the distance, along with the rising wind and the first fingers of rain, give the scene a suitably appropriate backdrop.

The tug-boat is unoccupied, at least.

A cluster of tourists sits idly by on the nearby dock, holding up their camera-phones. They’ve propped up their umbrellas and seem very comfy, not feeling in any danger at all.

If the Villain continues, her actions might cause some havoc.

The storm is getting closer, and that is not entirely a metaphor.

What do you do?

Villain Name: Surge
Real Name: Lily Kennedy
Age: Modern
Drive: To settle my frustration!

Villains Moves
Churn and Tumble: Surge creates a powerful wave that threatens to knock down the entire dock, plunging the tourists into the drink.
Angry Seas: Surge levels a powerful blow at a Hero bothering her or perhaps merely one in the vicinity…

Condition Moves
Afraid: Attack anyone close
Angry: Attack whoever is bothering me
Guilty: Try to fix whatever I did wrong
Hopeless: Calm myself down and try to leave
Insecure: Destroy something inanimate

Additional: ‘Surge’ is merely angry and misguided, frustrated at the boundaries placed on her by her super-hero parents. Gifted with amazing powers, but not allowed to use them, she occasionally causes trouble to vent her frustrations. She has no desire to harm anyone, and can be coaxed to try and fix any damage she causes-but her attempts to help are just as likely to cause havoc.

The tourists are completely dull to any danger-Surge will threaten them once she is done trying to smash the boat, eventually giving herself a condition and taking an action. If she accidentally sinks the tourists, she will try to save them, probably not with any success.

Storm Surge is a young woman of 18, with short blonde hair and light green eyes. She is short, just under 5, and is sensitive to anyone making fun or her height or telling her she can’t do something-she will in fact, often do it just to spite them. While capable of raging, she doesn’t really want to hurt anyone, and will be even worse if she does-unfortunately the storm is making her powers more potent then they usually would be. She actually has no supervillain persona, but upon being asked, she calls herself ‘Storm Surge’.

Phase 1
Storm Surge (Hydrokinetic Temper! But can be calmed down.)

Phase 2
Waffle-Iron (An unfortunate wanna-be villain. Very little control over heat based powers.)
Blaster (Not very creative wanna-be villain.)

Phase 3
(The previous three will return if not subdued in some way-or they might return as allies)
Envelope (Can fold things into two dimensions. Might try to trap a Hero.)
The Toolbox (A genius at taking things apart. But doesn’t know how to put them together again.)
Heartbreaker (A young empath subtly manipulating people into causing trouble. Greatly enjoys her work.)
Johnny Rotten (A rabble rousing kid whose ‘protest songs’ make people angry-unintentionally, of course, since he is an empath and he doesn’t know it.)
Bungee (A young wanna-be hero fond of jumping off things, with an elastic bouncy body. Will try to ineffectively stop the ‘evil doers’.)

Phase 1/The Raging Sea
Storm Surge tries to trash the docks, leading to a media spectacle about ‘out of control super-teens’.

Phase 2/Curfew
The city attempts to round up young supers causing trouble, which only causes more trouble.

Phase 3/We don’t need no education
A bunch of young supers cause a mini-riot, trashing a mini-mall.


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