The Beams

Reunion-Lore Notes
Pokemon Tabletop Campaign: Distortion


Let’s make a long story short. You really needed a job-for various reasons-and the advertisement just sort of jumped right out of your pokegear.


The Global Police are Hiring!

We are looking for {Experienced} {Adult} Trainers to join the…



{Low} risk! Sufficient pay! Travel the world! And beyond!


New positions are opening every day!

All those exclamation points could only be a good thing, right?

The GLOPOL usually pays well, and has enough clout to be recognized in most countries. They usually don’t advertise in the the gear, though…you can only guess they are pretty eager for trainers for this ‘Ultra Recon Squad’. You have heard about these Ultra Distortions, of course. Who hasn’t? They’re doing some…weird things. And, apparently are actually doors to other worlds…well, who wouldn’t be intrigued by something like that?

Where am I?
You were born into a world almost entirely similar to Earth, at least in Geography. The only major difference was that at some point in the past, the world became inhabited by creatures called POKEMON. This changed a lot of things…

What are pokemon?
Most people refer to them either as Pocket Monsters, though scientifically they are known as ‘Living Infinite Morphogenetic Field Adapters’. Essentially, they differ from normal animals in that they can alter their genetic structure on an instinctual level-they are capable of healing injuries rapidly, adapting their body to defend against predator attacks, manipulating elemental forces such as fire and water, and even remaking themselves into entirely new forms-skipping the lengthy maturity and growth processes that leave other creatures vulnerable. Pokemon are considered sentient, though their intelligence varies-people are still known to eat Pokemon in various regions, and to be fair, some pokemon eat people as well. And while pokemon can be used for any task, no one can deny that pokemon enjoy fighting each other the most-it is something like a religion among them, to improve themselves in ritual battle-and, humans seems to enjoy bringing that out in them.

…You can catch and train them to fight?
Yes. Humans have been altered in this world by the presence of pokemon-most humans have a subtle empathetic connection that allows them to train pokemon for various tasks. The primary means of this is the pokeball, which relies on the manipulation of INFINITE ENERGY to establish a powerful bond between trainer and pokemon, forged in combat. No one has yet found what makes the best trainers-kindness and love? Discipline and order? Or perhaps merely ruthlessness?

Infinite Energy?
The power source of pokemon-it is the reason they can use their amazing abilities, and it exists in all of them-and even humans, to an extent. It can even turn pokemon into an ‘energy state’, allowing even the largest of them to be safely transported about in a pokeball. Some humans have even begun to use pokemon as an alternate energy source-these Infinite Energy plants are starting to appear in a lot of places, drawing power from entire regions, without causing obvious harm. Isn’t technology amazing?

What else do I need to know about trainers?
Most people can begin training pokemon by the time they reach 10 years old-it’s the age they develop their first useful empathetic abilities-though not all cultures endorse trainers some so young. Most trainers face little to no danger in their youth, since all countries maintain small armies of Pokemon Rangers to forge roads between cities, called routes. These routes are carefully patrolled, and their pokemon populations kept from growing too wild or strong-though the Rangers always pride themselves on never being seen, and allowing the Trainer to find his or her own path without help. In truth, pokemon will rarely harm a young trainer, in any case. Most regions feature Leagues that let trainers earn vital skills through combat, earning merit badges by defeating experienced local trainers in multiple locations.

This all changes as they get older-the bond changes, and Trainers are allowed to leave the routes and truly explore the world. Pokemon become more dangerous once a person has matured, and might even prey on a human who wanders into their territory. It’s vital for those who wish to explore the world to continue developing their abilities. The Leagues tend to become more and more cutthroat, and its generally a surprise that most of those trainers were taking it easy on you the whole time.

King of Dragon pass!

Origin/Gimmick: The character’s powers all come from devices of some kind. One of the character’s mental abilities (your choice) is increased by +2.

Prowess: 4
Coordination: 3
Strength: 6
Intellect: 4
Awareness: 5
Willpower: 4

Powers (4)
Control: Wizardy [Cosmic Power (Awareness)]~You can simply will effects into being using a cosmic or primal power. Choose a suitable weakness for your Cosmic Power, such as an inability to affect a certain subject (material, color, etc.). ~~Superspeed, Precognition~
~Defensive/Life Support

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Name: !
Profession: !
Race/Gender: !
Skills: Are free-form and entirely made up by the player. Skills may be as broad to cover a field of expertise but should never be usable outside a specific area. Skills like “Close Combat” is as broad as it should get but you can build on top of this with increasingly specific skills like Sword Fighting followed by Fencing if you wish. Choose Five.
Hitpoints: 5/5
Aspects: Are your general defensive/offensive qualities. You start with 1.
~Body: 1 (Your general physical fitness)
~Arcana: 1 (Your affinity at manipulating and resisting the arcane)
~Psyche : 1 (Your charisma and strength of will)
~Luck: 1 (You often roll luck to save yourself from some sort of catastrophe-your luck roll can increase the degrees of success of a roll you have just failed. You can call for a luck before your action is rolled or specify when it should be rolled-it will automatically be rolled if a threat would otherwise end your life. Making a Luck roll, however, reduces this stat by 1, and you can’t make roll with no luck.)
Quality: Are very broad skills, jobs or stereotypes like Charismatic, Strong, Soldier, Diplomat, Ranger or Smart for instance. You can only have a single Quality.


Imperial: Tales of the ‘Empire’ filter through every land-they say it’s a tribe larger than any other, one that continues to grow and conquer with every passing year. To look at, Imperials don’t seem very imposing-they are not as wise or quick as Tallfolk, nor tough as Stoneborn, and lack the cunning of the Smallfolk…however, their pale skin and bright hair are usually hidden under layers of armor and guarded by their Soul powered weaponry, the manufacture of which is superb to anything made in the Highlands, and nearly the equal of the Stoneborn. They are known to be disciplined and prepared for nearly anything, and no place has yet been able to resist their conquests…but, what about the Fortress of Bones?

Affinity (Discipline): +3 starting Hitpoints
Soulweapon: Imperial weapons are more magic than metal, though they contain elements of both-an Imperial Soulweapon typically resemble a shaft of pure energy, and is always related to the users personality-a hammer of blazing fire, a scythe of living shadows, a scimitar of ice cold water…these weapons are unique to Imperials, and no earthly force and sunder or rob them from their owners except death itself. The user of this blade never needs another-it grows in strength as he does, and he can call it to his side at a thought. He can even absorb the energy from other magical weapons to add to his own.

Stoneborn: Coming from their own Fortresses in the depths of mighty Terra, Stoneborn can usually pass as the thing they are named of-patient, stoic, and stubborn to a fault. They resemble slightly rumpled, bearded boulders wearing horned or spiked caps-and shirts of finely worked metal, often sprouting their favorite weapon-the axe-in both hands. They are widely known to be resistant to heat, cold, magic and intoxication due to their ability to literally become rock-if poisoned, for example, they merely increase their density of their bodies until it dries up. It certainly explains their fondness for drinking…creatures of pride and industry, Stoneborn have long shared stories that their race once owned the place now called the “Fortress of Bones”-and, honor demands they reclaim it…and purge any outsiders who disagree.

Affinity (Earth): +1 Body
Stoneskin: Stoneborn can magically harden their bodies to stone by a thought, allowing them to weather nearly any blow or physical discomfort. They are immune or resistant to many physical and magical affects-anything that wouldn’t shatter a stone wall, will have no effect on them. The only downside is that this slows them down, turning them into statues-and it is much more difficult going back to flesh, than vice versa,

Tallfolk: Creatures of the forests and dales, both fey and yet half-mortal, the marriage of two worlds. Clever, quick, and with a natural affinity for magic, Tallfolk tend to be clever, proud and arrogant. In ascending order. Their forms are often compared to Imperials, but where as Imperials are somewhat crude and stunted, Tallfolk are almost always possessed of unearthly beauty. They often wield weapons at range-bows, slings, and darts-but their long lives typically give them at least passing skill in nearly all forms of combat…which they engage in, gladly and without reservation-immortality is nothing, if not boredom! Tallfolk never die of Old Age, much to their consternation. Only conflict and strife and spice up the centuries…many Tallfolk have heeded the call to delve the Fortress of Bones out of a sheer sense of irony, since they are so clearly not wanted. Also, they were probably around when it was built.

Affinity (Magic): +1 Arcana
Staying Alive: Tallfolk pick up a bit of everything over their long, long lives-thus, they can perform any skill they can think of. No task physical or mental is impossible for them, and they never take a dice penalty on any advanced task either. Their skill choices will often be considered ‘easy’ tasks, not even requiring a roll. In addition, they can also fluently read, write, speak and understand all languages.

Smallfolk: A people with a slow kindled courage, always blessed with luck, the Smallfolk are usually most happy tending to their steppe-farms and hill-homes-but, each of them eventually feels the need to go on an adventure, at least once in their life. These beings are, at first glance, odd-not as stocky as a Stoneborn, and about the height of an Imperial Child…why one of these plucky little people would brave the Fortress of Bones is surely a mystery-it would test even their much renowned luck!

Affinity (Fortune): +1 Luck (~And for Smallfolk, Luck cannot be lower than 1)
Staying Alive: Tallfolk pick up a bit of everything over their long, long lives-thus, they can perform any skill they can think of. No task physical or mental is impossible for them, and they never take a dice penalty on any advanced task either. Their skill choices will often be considered ‘easy’ tasks, not even requiring a roll. In addition, they can also fluently read, write, speak and understand all languages.



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