The Beams


-Leeta (Cmd)
-Reed (Cmd)
-Riker (Diplo)
-Dukat (Sec)
-Aug Riker (Eng)
-Mirror Spock (Sci)
-Soong (Med)

-Leeta (CMD) 850
-Reed (Diplo) 445
-Bashir (Diplo) 445
-Dukat (Sec) 397
-Young Khan (Engin) 555
-Festive Dax (Sci) 325
-Fontaine (Med) 462

-Dr Soong (CMD)
-Bashir (Diplo)
-Sniper Dax (Sec)
-Sarina (Engin)
-Commando Crusher (Sci)
-Fontaine (Med)
-Nurse Kes (Med)

-Augment Riker (CMD)
-Young Khan (Diplo)
-Klingon Torres (Sec)
-Seska (Engin)
-Maquis Torres (Engin)
-Seven (Sci)
-Sarina (Med)

-Mirror Spock (CMD)
-Festive Dax (Diplo)
-Crusher (Sec)
-Sarina (Engin)
-Rejal (Sci)
-Brahms (Sci)
-Soong (Med)

-Leeta (CMD)
-Bashir (Diplo)
-Augment Riker (Sec)
-Sniper Reed (Sec)
-Klingon Torres (Engin)
-Commando Crush (Sci)
-Sniper Dax (Med)

Shawn knelt down and took a hold of the punching dagger, removing it with a few seconds tugging, lifting the scroll. As he unfurled it, eyes scanning the parchment, he saw it only had a few words…


…Before his eyes caught the glint of a small metal object, about the size of a large pill, falling from where it had been carefully concealed in the folds of the scroll.

Though his first instinct was to turn away and close his eyes, he was a fraction of a second too slow-his eyes having been drawn to the words, it was a clever trap designed to fool the curious.

There was a flash of great white light, and…


Shawn felt a pair of slim hands on his shoulders, pulling him back from the fringes of the explosion. There is a moment of trippy nausea as he feels himself falling through…something. Falling in all directions at once, his body stretched and twisted, time taking odd shifts and jumps. It’s not a comfortable feeling.

When he recovers, nothing quite makes sense. He’s still on the roof where he was standing before, prone, but the morning has given way to a cloudy night. Rain falls where previously the s sky was clear. It takes him another moment to realize another thing that is missing. Sound. The battle taking place beyond, the alarms going off, cars in the streets. Its a dead silence, something he’s never heard in the middle of a city before. It’s one of those things that causes an atavistic fear to creep back up ones spine…

His rescuer, if that if that is what he was, stands before him.

“Are you alright?” He asks.


Shawn knelt down and took a hold of the punching dagger, removing it with a few seconds tugging, lifting the scroll. Though he was eager to unfurl it, a thought at the back of his mind distrusted it. Just a tickle of suspicion, but it was enough for him to examine it more carefully.

A few seconds showed a small metal object, about the size of a large pill, rolled into the scroll. It looked like the sort of thrown device that exploded upon contact with the ground. He is very careful in removing it, wary of secondary traps, but it seems his disarmament has earned him a gift instead, not that he knows the device will do. He secrets it into his pocket and turns to the scroll. It reads thusly.


A good lesson, right? He turns about, having finished with this distraction. The battle is still raging. What now?

Reunion-Lore Notes
Pokemon Tabletop Campaign: Distortion

Name: The Big Score
Type: Invasion (Criminals)
Impulse: To seize Didacts Computer Core
• Cardinal the Super Lawyer
• Hex, the young villain who causes Bad Luck
• The Pro, a young criminal mastermind.
• Her posse: Ballistic, Silver Stranger, and Lurker
• Waffle-Iron and Envelope (Rope a Dope villains working with Lurker)
• Pitviper: Working for Group that Hired The Pro as a backup plan
• Didact (Deactivated)

The first day of being a super hero team is pretty exciting! The Pro and her team of young villains aims to steal a big score-the captured Hero Didact, who is actually a free cyborg, and being held by Xand Labs. First she attempts to distract them by having Lurker call out ‘Hoodie’, hoping it will give her time to break in and steal Didacts computer core. Then she intends to have Ballistic and his Brother stage a distraction-while she poses as a innocent bystander and walks free and easy. Lurker is supposed to be left behind as bait for the Heroes to chase down and capture, but he’s only a distraction…

Phase One (Exciting lunch)
• Cardinal the Super Lawyer helps the group set up their team
• Hex backs off, sensing betrayal in the winds
• The Pro sets her plan and travels to Xand Labs
• Ballistic and Silver travel with Pro
• Lurker calls out ‘Hoodie’ and order him to a showdown spot

Phase Two/A (Not taking the Bait)
• Cardinal the Super Lawyer helps the group get to wherever they need
• The Pro and her posse try to break into the Labs, and the Heroes are summoned to stop them.
• Lurker is very confused

Phase Two/B (Rope a Dope)
• Cardinal the Super Lawyer helps the group get to wherever they need
• Hex knows what is happening, and heads to the same place. She’ll tell the team what is going on if they don’t figure it out.
• Pitviper springs, trying to take out Hex on orders of his group, which hired The Pro to steal the core. He’ll also try to take out Lurker if he is about to confess.
• Lurker leads the team on a wild goose chase, and tries to fight them (indirectly) by siccing waffle iron and envelope on them.
• The Pro and her posse try to break into the Labs, and the plan is going off without a hitch!

Phase Three (Lab Fight Finale)
• The Pro and her posse are eventually confronted (possibly)
• The Pro will try to sneak off with Didacts computer core, by pretending to be a hostage. Her posse will fight hard, but ultimately retreat, especially if The Pro gets away.
• Didact can be brought back if her core is put back into her. Heroes will have a hard choice.
• If Pitviper was not not dealt with, he will intervene when all is said and done to try and steal Didacts core-even if it was just placed back in!
• Lurker will also show up, and will probably rescue The Pro if he wasn’t beaten to a pulp and/or assassinated-completely ignorant that she planned to be sacrifice him. What a nice kid!

Abilities: Ninja Skills
Generation: Unnamed


To please The Sixteen Masters. It is all I desire.

Arch-Villain (5 conditions)

Villain Moves:

1. Deploy ninja weapons and tools to defeat foes

2. Destroy terrain to distract Heroes

3. Confuse and demoralize someone I intend to attack, with tricks and words

Condition Moves:

Afraid: Attempt to vanish from sight. smoke bomb and think of a new strategy-don’t give up!

Angry: Fixate on whoever made you angry

Guilty: Attempt to explain why you do what you do

Hopeless: Try to vanish and escape

Insecure: Keep on fighting, but stay out of melee-try not to get hit.

=The Pro=
Abilities: Good planning, Guns Akimbo
Generation: Unnamed


To make a lot of money, and fool everybody. I’m the best there is!

Threatening (3 conditions)

Villain Moves:

1. Unleash her concealed pistols to spring a clever trick shot

2. Try to run away (But only if you have Didacts core)

3. Play innocent to try and get heroes to let their guard down

4. Unleash my back up plan.

Condition Moves:

Afraid: Run!

Angry: Promise revenge

Guilty: Immune (I never feel Guilty)

Hopeless: Immune (I always have a backup plan)

Insecure: Try to befriend someone I am afraid of, at least until I can stab them in the back.

Abilities: Body Morphing (Silver)

Generation: Unnamed


Prove I’m the best Freak there is!

Minimally Threatening (2 conditions)

Villain Moves:

1. Use my powers to bring down the building around us

2. Remember the Plan-we’re only here as a distraction.

3. Challenge a fellow freak to a duel

Condition Moves:

Afraid: Lash out with my energy cannons!

Angry: Destroy the area around me!

Guilty: Try to leave the fight by myself

Hopeless: Protect my brother and/or get out of here

Insecure: Wax on about how I don’t like being treated like a freak, but if I have to, I will be the best.

=Silver Stranger=
Abilities: Super mobility (Can turn into Silver liquid)

Generation: Unnamed


Protect my Brother! He’s all I have left.

Minimally Threatening (2 conditions)

Villain Moves:

1. Use my powers to intimidate someone

2. Try to protect my bro

3. Remember the plan-we’re only here as a distraction

Condition Moves:

Afraid: Ask them to just let us go

Angry: Lash out with super speed!

Guilty: Fight on! Only leave, or surrender if my brother is safe.

Hopeless: Protect my brother no matter what

Insecure: Try to explain I only want to protect my brother, follow his lead.

Abilities: Heat rays

Generation: Unnamed


Prove I’m not afraid of Heroes

Barely Threatening (1 conditions)

Villain Moves:

1. Use my powers to intimidate everyone

2. Destroy something valuable as a show of my power

3. Monologue!

Condition Moves:

Afraid: Run!

Angry: Knock myself out.

Guilty: Surrender!

Hopeless: Surrender!

Insecure: Surrender!

Abilities: 2d teleportation

Generation: Unnamed


Prove how clever I am

Barely Threatening (1 conditions)

Villain Moves:

1. Use my powers to trap someone

2. Trick somebody or make them look foolish

3. Unleash a 2D monster!

Condition Moves:

Afraid: Flee into 2d Space!

Angry: Release a really dangerous monster, and flee!

Guilty: Flee into 2d Space!

Hopeless: Flee into 2d Space!

Insecure: Surrender!

Hideout Places
Aalian Embassy
A pocket of extra dimensional space located near the area Ssirana entered this version of Earth-right into the Heights, Night Cities richest neighborhood. A sort of echo, it exists alongside fun house mirror of different versions of reality-each of these are only on the surface of the bubble, as it were, and the Embassy is completely protected and stable patch of ground for building a headquarters.

~Central location in Night City, close to the action. Or at least the TV cameras.
~Easy to hide in.

~The Aalians are very aware of this area-they exist outside of many dimensional gateways and are used as staging grounds for further incursions, or strong points for defending from attacks within or without. Making a base here will no doubt quickly attract their attention to Ssiranas whereabouts and may be alert them that one of their agents has gone dimensionally AWOL.

~Existing aside and in-between realities and times can be very hazardous…

~No infrastructure. The Embassy is a world where none of the people move, power doesn’t flow, and water stays suspended in the sky. It is a world of statues, and anything beyond the basics will have to be delivered.

Watchmakers Tower
S.S Sailing Ship?
Last Ditch

Villain Name: Surge
Real Name: Lily Kennedy
Age: Modern
Drive: To settle my frustration!

Villains Moves
Churn and Tumble: Surge creates a powerful wave that threatens to knock down the entire dock, plunging the tourists into the drink.
Angry Seas: Surge levels a powerful blow at a Hero bothering her or perhaps merely one in the vicinity…

Condition Moves
Afraid: Attack anyone close
Angry: Attack whoever is bothering me
Guilty: Try to fix whatever I did wrong
Hopeless: Calm myself down and try to leave
Insecure: Destroy something inanimate

Additional: ‘Surge’ is merely angry and misguided, frustrated at the boundaries placed on her by her super-hero parents. Gifted with amazing powers, but not allowed to use them, she occasionally causes trouble to vent her frustrations. She has no desire to harm anyone, and can be coaxed to try and fix any damage she causes-but her attempts to help are just as likely to cause havoc.

The tourists are completely dull to any danger-Surge will threaten them once she is done trying to smash the boat, eventually giving herself a condition and taking an action. If she accidentally sinks the tourists, she will try to save them, probably not with any success.

Storm Surge is a young woman of 18, with short blonde hair and light green eyes. She is short, just under 5, and is sensitive to anyone making fun or her height or telling her she can’t do something-she will in fact, often do it just to spite them. While capable of raging, she doesn’t really want to hurt anyone, and will be even worse if she does-unfortunately the storm is making her powers more potent then they usually would be. She actually has no supervillain persona, but upon being asked, she calls herself ‘Storm Surge’.

Phase 1
Storm Surge (Hydrokinetic Temper! But can be calmed down.)

Phase 2
Waffle-Iron (An unfortunate wanna-be villain. Very little control over heat based powers.)
Blaster (Not very creative wanna-be villain.)

Phase 3
(The previous three will return if not subdued in some way-or they might return as allies)
Envelope (Can fold things into two dimensions. Might try to trap a Hero.)
The Toolbox (A genius at taking things apart. But doesn’t know how to put them together again.)
Heartbreaker (A young empath subtly manipulating people into causing trouble. Greatly enjoys her work.)
Johnny Rotten (A rabble rousing kid whose ‘protest songs’ make people angry-unintentionally, of course, since he is an empath and he doesn’t know it.)
Bungee (A young wanna-be hero fond of jumping off things, with an elastic bouncy body. Will try to ineffectively stop the ‘evil doers’.)

Phase 1/The Raging Sea
Storm Surge tries to trash the docks, leading to a media spectacle about ‘out of control super-teens’.

Phase 2/Curfew
The city attempts to round up young supers causing trouble, which only causes more trouble.

Phase 3/We don’t need no education
A bunch of young supers cause a mini-riot, trashing a mini-mall.

When you play along with Comet’s training scenario, roll Superior. On a 10, you nail it, and Comet acknowledges your readiness; either take Influence over him, remove his Influence over you, or (if neither of those apply) mark Potential. On a 7-9, you succeed, but can’t help but see both Comet’s point with the exercise, and where you could have done better; Comet shifts your labels accordingly. On a miss, Comet’s debrief is rough; mark a Condition, and Comet shifts your labels and gains Influence over you if he did not already have it (if he did already have it, mark a second condition).

(Note: label shifting by Comet may inflict an additional Condition.)

When you go off the script with Comet’s training scenario, roll Danger. On a 10, you succeed at the scenario, at least technically, and – let’s be honest – feel pretty smug about it. Shift your labels, and remove Comet’s influence over you. On a 7-9, you accomplished the primary goal, at the cost of some secondary objective blah blah blah you weren’t really listening (be cool and everyone will think it doesn’t bother you). Mark a condition, OR pick a teammate you (accidentally?) left hanging so you could get the ‘W’ – lose influence over them (or, if you don’t have influence over them, give them a Condition, the GM suggests Angry).

On a miss, your gamble does not pay off AT. All. You badly and blatantly overstep some of the guidelines. Comet’s dressing down is harsh, and painfully insightful; Take a Powerful Blow and choose one teammate you left hanging when you made your move; have them shift your labels.

(Note: label shifting may inflict an additional Condition.)

When you play along with Sgt. Amari’s training scenario, roll Mundane. On a 10, you nail it, and Nasir sees you as a hero, even without the powers; either take Influence over him, remove his Influence over you, or (if neither of those apply) mark Potential. On a 7-9, you succeed, but it’s an eye-opening experience, you really need to be ready for anything; Amari shifts your labels during his debrief. On a miss, Nasir’s debrief leaves you questioning how much of your hero status lies with your powers, not you. Take Insecure, and Nasir shifts your labels. If you’re already Insecure, Take a Powerful blow.

(Note: label shifting by Comet may inflict an additional Condition.)

When you team up with the other teen heroes for a training scenario, make a decision: show them how it’s done or make them look good.

If you show your team how it’s done, roll Freak. On a 10, you absolutely succeed at the scenario, to the point where the whole team looked pretty good, even if they didn’t have to do much. Shift your labels and take influence over one of your temporary team members. On a 7-9, it wasn’t pretty, but it was totally effective. You can’t figure out why some of your team is unhappy. Take influence over one teammate; plus, either a team mate gets influence over you, or you take a condition.

On a miss… well, that was embarrassing. You looked like a fool, and if it weren’t for the team’s quick thinking, ti would have been a total fiasco. Comet shifts your labels during the debrief, and the “real” team leader gets influence over you. Take a condition.

(Note: label shifting may inflict an additional Condition.)

If you make them look good, roll Savior. On a 10, your team looks like the heroes you know they are, and they see what real support looks like; take influence over everyone on your temporary team. On a 7-9, you had to scramble, but you managed to keep the wheels from coming off and get a win. Tell us which teammate picked up Insecure. Pick another temporary teammate and take influence over them. Take a condition.

On a miss… tell us what went wrong. If you totally over-extended yourself to keep the team on-track, take a Powerful Blow. If nothing you did could have saved these [censored] people, everyone on the team takes Insecure (or take another condition if you already have it), and Comet shifts your labels during the painfully detailed debrief.

(Note: label shifting may inflict an additional Condition.)

King of Dragon pass!

Origin/Gimmick: The character’s powers all come from devices of some kind. One of the character’s mental abilities (your choice) is increased by +2.

Prowess: 4
Coordination: 3
Strength: 6
Intellect: 4
Awareness: 5
Willpower: 4

Powers (4)
Control: Wizardy [Cosmic Power (Awareness)]~You can simply will effects into being using a cosmic or primal power. Choose a suitable weakness for your Cosmic Power, such as an inability to affect a certain subject (material, color, etc.). ~~Superspeed, Precognition~
~Defensive/Life Support

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Name: !
Profession: !
Race/Gender: !
Skills: Are free-form and entirely made up by the player. Skills may be as broad to cover a field of expertise but should never be usable outside a specific area. Skills like “Close Combat” is as broad as it should get but you can build on top of this with increasingly specific skills like Sword Fighting followed by Fencing if you wish. Choose Five.
Hitpoints: 5/5
Aspects: Are your general defensive/offensive qualities. You start with 1.
~Body: 1 (Your general physical fitness)
~Arcana: 1 (Your affinity at manipulating and resisting the arcane)
~Psyche : 1 (Your charisma and strength of will)
~Luck: 1 (You often roll luck to save yourself from some sort of catastrophe-your luck roll can increase the degrees of success of a roll you have just failed. You can call for a luck before your action is rolled or specify when it should be rolled-it will automatically be rolled if a threat would otherwise end your life. Making a Luck roll, however, reduces this stat by 1, and you can’t make roll with no luck.)
Quality: Are very broad skills, jobs or stereotypes like Charismatic, Strong, Soldier, Diplomat, Ranger or Smart for instance. You can only have a single Quality.


Imperial: Tales of the ‘Empire’ filter through every land-they say it’s a tribe larger than any other, one that continues to grow and conquer with every passing year. To look at, Imperials don’t seem very imposing-they are not as wise or quick as Tallfolk, nor tough as Stoneborn, and lack the cunning of the Smallfolk…however, their pale skin and bright hair are usually hidden under layers of armor and guarded by their Soul powered weaponry, the manufacture of which is superb to anything made in the Highlands, and nearly the equal of the Stoneborn. They are known to be disciplined and prepared for nearly anything, and no place has yet been able to resist their conquests…but, what about the Fortress of Bones?

Affinity (Discipline): +3 starting Hitpoints
Soulweapon: Imperial weapons are more magic than metal, though they contain elements of both-an Imperial Soulweapon typically resemble a shaft of pure energy, and is always related to the users personality-a hammer of blazing fire, a scythe of living shadows, a scimitar of ice cold water…these weapons are unique to Imperials, and no earthly force and sunder or rob them from their owners except death itself. The user of this blade never needs another-it grows in strength as he does, and he can call it to his side at a thought. He can even absorb the energy from other magical weapons to add to his own.

Stoneborn: Coming from their own Fortresses in the depths of mighty Terra, Stoneborn can usually pass as the thing they are named of-patient, stoic, and stubborn to a fault. They resemble slightly rumpled, bearded boulders wearing horned or spiked caps-and shirts of finely worked metal, often sprouting their favorite weapon-the axe-in both hands. They are widely known to be resistant to heat, cold, magic and intoxication due to their ability to literally become rock-if poisoned, for example, they merely increase their density of their bodies until it dries up. It certainly explains their fondness for drinking…creatures of pride and industry, Stoneborn have long shared stories that their race once owned the place now called the “Fortress of Bones”-and, honor demands they reclaim it…and purge any outsiders who disagree.

Affinity (Earth): +1 Body
Stoneskin: Stoneborn can magically harden their bodies to stone by a thought, allowing them to weather nearly any blow or physical discomfort. They are immune or resistant to many physical and magical affects-anything that wouldn’t shatter a stone wall, will have no effect on them. The only downside is that this slows them down, turning them into statues-and it is much more difficult going back to flesh, than vice versa,

Tallfolk: Creatures of the forests and dales, both fey and yet half-mortal, the marriage of two worlds. Clever, quick, and with a natural affinity for magic, Tallfolk tend to be clever, proud and arrogant. In ascending order. Their forms are often compared to Imperials, but where as Imperials are somewhat crude and stunted, Tallfolk are almost always possessed of unearthly beauty. They often wield weapons at range-bows, slings, and darts-but their long lives typically give them at least passing skill in nearly all forms of combat…which they engage in, gladly and without reservation-immortality is nothing, if not boredom! Tallfolk never die of Old Age, much to their consternation. Only conflict and strife and spice up the centuries…many Tallfolk have heeded the call to delve the Fortress of Bones out of a sheer sense of irony, since they are so clearly not wanted. Also, they were probably around when it was built.

Affinity (Magic): +1 Arcana
Staying Alive: Tallfolk pick up a bit of everything over their long, long lives-thus, they can perform any skill they can think of. No task physical or mental is impossible for them, and they never take a dice penalty on any advanced task either. Their skill choices will often be considered ‘easy’ tasks, not even requiring a roll. In addition, they can also fluently read, write, speak and understand all languages.

Smallfolk: A people with a slow kindled courage, always blessed with luck, the Smallfolk are usually most happy tending to their steppe-farms and hill-homes-but, each of them eventually feels the need to go on an adventure, at least once in their life. These beings are, at first glance, odd-not as stocky as a Stoneborn, and about the height of an Imperial Child…why one of these plucky little people would brave the Fortress of Bones is surely a mystery-it would test even their much renowned luck!

Affinity (Fortune): +1 Luck (~And for Smallfolk, Luck cannot be lower than 1)
Staying Alive: Tallfolk pick up a bit of everything over their long, long lives-thus, they can perform any skill they can think of. No task physical or mental is impossible for them, and they never take a dice penalty on any advanced task either. Their skill choices will often be considered ‘easy’ tasks, not even requiring a roll. In addition, they can also fluently read, write, speak and understand all languages.



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